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S Bates, March 29 2021

Who controls your business or career?

"Please don't let me be a cliché, and this is all about my parents!"

This was a statement during a session with a client who had just discovered why they had been chronically blocking their business results.

40% of people consistently sabotage their businesses or careers because of excessive fear, doubt, and a lack of confidence.

These are the people I work with.

And typically, they have been doing this for years or even decades.

Hence the remark about it all starts with their parents.

A large proportion of who we are and how we think is learned at a very early age.

We then use this framework to navigate through life.

Therefore, what you were taught at a very young age influences everything you do throughout your whole life.

Including your career, business, revenue, and every other part of your life.

Are a child's thoughts controlling your business, career, and revenue?

Written by

S Bates

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