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S Bates, April 5 2021

What is Price's Law costing your business?

What is Price’s Law costing your business?

There is a whole epidemic of underperforming employees out there...

And Price’s Law is the theory that 50% of the work in an organisation is done by the square root of the number of employees.

So, if you employ 16 people, only 4 are doing the work.

And the larger the organisation, the worse the problem becomes…

7 out of 50

14 out of 200 etc.

This is costing businesses tremendous amounts of money.

It is easy to be critical of the underperformers, but we need to understand WHY so many of these employees are floundering and not performing their jobs properly.

We frequently run Linkedin polls, and time and time again these polls conclude that lack of self belief, fears around failure and not being good enough stops people from pushing themselves forwards in their careers.

My aim is to help you beat Prices Law, but to help beat Price's Law you must understand people.

Written by

S Bates

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