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Making Sure

High Achievers

Don't Screw It Up

Do you have High Achiever DNA?

High achievers don't think like other people.

They have a drive and ambition that most people don't understand.

They are willing to sacrifice, take risks, work extremely hard and put themselves under huge pressure to achieve their big goals.

But like anyone else, they have fears and doubts which stop them from achieving what they are easily capable of.

We all have an inbuilt and ancient survival mechanism to stop us from making life-threatening mistakes. 40% of people have accidentally triggered this normally very useful mechanism to turn on too much and at the wrong time.

This creates excessive and unnecessary fear and doubt and stops people taking action when they should.

This is the biggest reason why talented high achievers, entrepreneurs and experts never achieve the results they should.

At Certain Change we are dedicated to making sure high achievers stop accidentally getting in their own way.

Developing Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Leaders and their Teams.

The Three Signs That You Need Us


This is the most common reason why people seek our help.

They know they should be achieving far more than they are.

They work extremely hard but the rewards don’t match their effort and their skills.

Don’t worry, there is a reason and it’s not your fault.

Actually, you can blame it on evolution.The way our brain has developed over millions of years has an interesting effect on high achievers.

This is a process and processes can be fixed.

Book in a call and we can show you how.

Success and Chaos

Are you creating amazing success in one part of your life but the rest is falling apart?

Being a highly driven person can create amazing results, but it can create a lot of accidental damage to other areas of our lives.

Not being able to turn off and being ‘present’ with our family and children is a common concern of our clients.

Telling a highly driven person to 'slow down' goes against everything in their character.

We won’t tell you do this. Instead we will challenge and show you how to be even more successful in every area of life that matters to you.

Boom and Bust

Boom and bust is characterised by having it all and then destroying it.  

You work hard to build something amazing, but then without knowing why, you lose it all again.

We have worked with many high achievers who keep running this pattern.

We see celebrities do it and know friends who have done it, high achievers and entrepreneurs do it too.

This form of Sabotage Loop is a very real problem which many high achievers have.

We will make sure you break the Loop.

Book in a call and ask us how.

40% of high achievers accidentally block their success. We set them free and put them back in control.

Where do you think you are on your Entrepreneur SuperHighway?