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S Bates, May 3 2021

Who are the amazing people in your team that need support?

Who are the amazing people in your team that need support?

Has the quality of their work taken a nosedive?

Are they ok? Do they seem distracted or even absent-minded at times?

Maybe they seem frustrated and even angry?

Perhaps they are your senior team members who are otherwise brilliant at their job but lately they seem to be struggling.

Or perhaps they go through periods of delivering top-notch work, and then long spells of not delivering at all.

They are respected and needed and the last thing you want to happen is to lose them.

They could be one of the 40% of people who are in a Sabotage Loop.

• It can happen to anyone at any level.

• It happens with entrepreneurs.

• It happens to senior leaders.

• It happens to the most talented and skilled people.

These 40% are underperforming, against their better nature!

They need help, but don't know what with or even how to articulate it. They just want to feel normal again.

Do you know someone in your team with these symptoms and want help getting them back to their best again?

Book in a call. Let me help you, help them.

Written by

S Bates

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