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How to scale from Solopreneur to Business Leader

S Bates, March 22 2021

How to scale from Solopreneur to business leader Learn to lead and manage and to know the difference. The moment you start to scale, you need to be able to leverage other people's skills. This takes work and building relationships. If you are ready to scale from a successful Solopreneur to being a Business Leader, you will need people.

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Why Do We Hold Back?

S Bates, March 15 2021

Why do we hold ourselves back?  Even if you have high motivation to achieve your goal.  40% of people have chronic and excessive fears which hold them back from ever achieving their goals.  Click on the video to find out why you do this.

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Leadership + Management = Money

S Bates, March 8 2021

Most entrepreneurs don't like managing...but you are in trouble if you neglect it. Learning how to effectively manage a team/staff is when you will create the most money.

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Some People Are Just Not Coachable

S Bates, February 22 2021

Everyone is coachable up until the point they won't let themselves be.  The people that take advice and test it in the real world will always have an advantage over the people that won't take anyones advice, even though they might have asked for it. How much is your ego, self-worth and desire to be right costing you?  Are you defending your self wo...

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Why A Clear Vision Really Matters

S Bates, February 15 2021

Having a clear vision is vital in order to achieve goals that have real meaning to you. Having defined goals and executing them has so many benefits and not just in business. You learn a lot about what motivates you, which can help with your personal life. In addition, it provides clarity for the future of your life, allowing you the opportunity to...

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Goal Setting & Affirmations Can Damage Your Income

S Bates, February 8 2021

Goal setting and affirmations are one of the worst things you can do if you are one of the 40% of people who chronically self sabotage.   Entrepreneurs especially set big goals because they have a higher than average drive and ambition, but bigger goals have bigger risks for the 40%, which provokes a bigger threat!  Watch the video to uncover what...

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Breaking The Two Normals To Instantly Increase Your Revenue

S Bates, February 1 2021

40% of people have two normals, although this is not commonly recognised or taught.  One is created by the Real You, whilst the other is created by the sabotage thinking.  The sabotage thinking is one based on the illusion of control and excessive safety and causes havoc to high achievers wanting to set goals.  If you are one of the 40% you must tu...

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