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Specialist Courses

Because specific situations need specific solutions

Unblock your clients

Unblock My Brain Coach Training is a specialist training programme for Coaches, Consultants and
Trainers to learn our unique methodology to help their clients.

This programme trains them to learn the process and skills needed to help their clients remove their Sabotage Thinking so they can follow their methodology successfully.

It is a 12 week individually based programme with 1 to 1 contact time with Stephen and the Certain Change team, with comprehensive training modules to help you learn and apply our principles to your clients.

"My clients are getting even better results now I can get them past their blocks" DK

Understand,control and reduce stress levels

Living with high levels of stress is highly damaging to the individual and the business they work for.

But reducing stress levels can be quick, simple and effective.

The Stress Out! Programme is designed to do just that. Most people don't know how to quickly and safely control their stress levels.

In this short self-guided programme we will take you through the key steps needed to understand, control and reduce stress levels.

  • What Is Stress and What Is Well-being?
  • The pros and cons of coping mechanisms
  • How is stress created and why is it different for different people?
  • How to use our emotions properly
  • How to create more confidence and self-worth
  • Creating more 'real' control is key
  • How to deal with overwhelm

Who For: Everyone at every level

Time: 1.5hrs

Format: Trainer led virtual training, 1:1 or closed group

Improving your skills is one of the fastest ways to improve your career and income

Boosting your sales as a Sales Engineer

Most technically minded people don't have the correct communication skills or a clear understanding of the sales process to be able to support a sale.

Frequently, rather than helping the process, they accidentally damage it.

Sales Skills For Technical People is not to create salespeople from technically-minded people, but rather to help them be able to support the sales function in a very helpful and practical way.

Learn how to have the correct communication skills and clear understanding of the sales process to be able to support a sale.

Who For: Technical and professionals who need to sell or support the sales process

Time: 3 months

Format: Trainer led virtual training, 1:1 or closed group

How to develop the right communication skills to support sales

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H5 Heading

“Without you it would have taken me 5 years to get to this point."

Actual time working together - 8 Weeks