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Next Steps

What are you truly capable of?

What can you achieve now?

Our clients' most common experience after turning off their sabotage thinking is the powerful realisation of what they have missed out on and what they really could achieve.

Suddenly, a new future is open to them, but how do they make that future turn into a reality?

Each person's need is unique, but we have found three very common situations which repeatedly occurs.

Below are the programmes we created to that deal with these common situations, they may be what you need to move you forward.



Creating your value & goals

The Alpha Project is about 2 essential topics.

1. Understanding and communicating your true value

2. Designing and redefining your goals

90% of people need to work on their direction and goals after turning off their sabotage thinking.

People who have had a chronic self sabotage problem have often limited themselves so much they have never set real goals.

And many people, especially those who have lived with Imposter Syndrome, haven't let themselves understand their real value to an employer or to a prospective client.

Alpha Project is designed for Entrepreneurs, Business leaders and Owners to clarify and sharpen the direction of their business, career, service or offer (if applicable) and their work/life balance.

This is where the fun starts!  

This is a 4 week individually based programme with 1 to 1 contact time with Stephen and the Certain Change team.  

"For the first time in my life I didn't feel embarrassed to ask for my full fee, it was weird, but they paid it."  JT

Increasing your influence

The Certain Change Programme is for people who need to lead and manage a business or a team.

People are usually the most expensive component of any business; getting the best out of them is the purpose of the Certain Change Programme.

This programme equips anyone who leads or manages people with the knowledge, strategies and most importantly, the practical skills to create and maintain highly effective teams.

Most people in a leadership or management position never get any support or training to do this most difficult of roles.

It is suitable for any level or experience and focuses on helping you solve real time problems and achieve your objectives and goals.

It is a 6-12 month programme with high contact time with Stephen and the Certain Change team.

People are the most complex and confusing species on the planet.

Until you know how to understand them.


The Simple Solution

The Certain Change Programme focuses on a single powerful word, leverage.

The vast majority of leaders and managers never get the training they need to excel at running a team.

75% of people, who voluntarily leave their job, leave because of bad management, not because it was a bad job.

Globally only 15% of people are highly engaged in their jobs.

This means that most companies are paying their teams to underachieve.

The Certain Change Programme equips leaders and managers to immediately raise the performance of their teams by having the skills to leverage the time, experience and skills of the people you employ.




Measured Focus on Practicality

The Certain Change Programme course content and support coaching are highly flexible and practical to your actual business's needs.

It is designed for leaders and managers to apply what they learn in real-life situations. It's not just about theory, it's about practical application.

You'll be able to quickly and easily implement highly effective skills into the workplace.

What are the problems you need to solve and and goals you want to hit?

Have a list and tells about them when you book in your enquiry call.

"Your team is charge of your success until you are in charge of your team."

A practical approach to choose the next leader for your team

Retaining your best people is critical but how do you do that without throwing money at them?

Your leaders and managers are the most expensive people you hire. They are also in control of the results of your company.

knowing how to quickly assess who has the aptitude in skills and thinking is essential when choosing who to promote to a managerial level.

And who should never be controlling your team.


Who should be controlling your most valuable projects and who should not?

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Unblock your clients

Unblock My Brain Coach Training is a specialist training programme for Coaches, Consultants and
Trainers to learn our unique methodology to help their clients.

This programme trains them to learn the process and skills needed to help their clients remove their Sabotage Thinking so they can follow their methodology successfully.

It is a 12 week individually based programme with 1 to 1 contact time with Stephen and the Certain Change team, with comprehensive training modules to help you learn and apply our principles to your clients.

"My clients are getting even better results now I can get them past their blocks" DK

To find the programme best suited to your needs, please use the link to book in a call.

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“Without you it would have taken me 5 years to get to this point."

Actual time working together - 8 Weeks