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Team Change

Creating Enormous Leverage

Are your managers increasing or decreasing the productivity of their teams?

Increasing Influence and Leverage

The Certain Change Programme is a mentorship programme for owners, leaders and managers who need get the best out of their team.

People are usually the most expensive component of any business; getting the best out of them is the purpose of the Certain Change Programme.

Most people in a leadership or management position never get any support or guidance to do this most difficult of roles.

It is suitable for any level or experience and focuses on helping you solve real time problems and achieve your objectives and goals.

This is a mentoring programme which gives real time advice on how to solve people productivity issues.

Advise - Mentor - Coach - Train

Fast and effective guidance which creates long term increase in skills

The Simple Solution

The Certain Change Programme focuses on a single powerful word, leverage.

The vast majority of leaders and managers never get the training they need to excel at running a team.

75% of people, who voluntarily leave their job, leave because of bad management, not because it was a bad job.

Globally only 15% of people are highly engaged in their jobs.

This means that most companies are paying their teams to underachieve.

The Certain Change Programme equips leaders and managers to immediately raise the performance of their teams by having the skills to leverage the time, experience and skills of the people you employ.




Focussed on Practicality

No one can wait for long term training to kick in.

It takes too long and does not help solve the immediate problems businesses face.

The Certain Change Programme gives direct and practical advice while simultaneously building valuable skills and knowledge.

It is designed for leaders and managers to understand and solve real-life problems so they get the best out of their teams.

We use this simple method to deal with immediate issues and build long term skill.

Advise - Mentor - Coach - Train

Which project needs a higher performing team?

Which leader needs better people skills?

Who needs support with their people skills?

Book a call here to enquire about increasing your leader and team performance.

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C-Suite Masterclasses

Fast and effective short workshops to tackle specific problems

A practical approach to choose the next leader for your team

Your Leaders and Managers are the most expensive people you hire. They are also in control of the results of your company.

These are the people who turn your ideas and aspirations into success or failure.

But it is shocking to realise that most people in management positions;

1. Don't think like good managers do.

2. Don't have nearly enough skills to be able to get the most out of the expensive teams you pay for.

Knowing how to quickly assess who has the aptitude in skills and thinking is essential when choosing who to promote to a managerial level.

And who should never be controlling your team.

What about your current managers?

Spot The Star will enable you to appraise your current manager at the same time.

Who For: Owners, C-suite, Directors and their Senior Managers

Time: 1.5hrs

Format: Trainer led virtual training,1:1 or closed group

A practical approach to systematically choose the next leader for your team

Making changehappen

Every leader is familiar with having great ideas and big plans that never get actioned

In this short masterclass we will be looking at:

  • Why change is needed
  • Why good ideas only last temporarily
  • Why some people don't like change
  • How to look out for personal agendas and what to do about them.
  • How to get buy-in to change processes.
  • How to implement change.
  • How to make change last long-term.

Change is vital for every business to grow. What could your business achieve if you were able to implement new ideas and change whilst keeping your team aligned with your vision?

Who For: Owners, C-suite, Directors and Senior Managers

Time: 1.5hrs

Format: Trainer led virtual training, 1:1 or closed group

Making sure that your great ideas and plans get actioned

Improving retention & creating willing accountability

Retaining your best people is critical but how do you do that without throwing money at them?

Contrary to popular belief, money is not the biggest reason why people leave a role and therefore it is not the most important thing you must focus on to keep your teams intact.

There are 6 practical steps we will teach you on how to retain your people and make them want to take on more responsibility and accountability.

Losing and having to re-hire people is very expensive and damaging.

This masterclass will save you a fortune in hiring and lost productivity.

Who For: Owners, C-suite, Directors and their Senior Managers

Time: 1.5hrs

Format: Trainer led virtual training, 1:1 or closed group

Learn the skills of understanding your people to get the best out of them

How to stay in your strategic leadership zone

Leaders need to lead, or more accurately, they need the time and space to lead their companies and teams.

One of the most frustrating and common problems senior leaders experience is being dragged (or dragging themselves) into decisions and tasks which should be handled by someone at a more appropriate level.

This very common problem stops them from being able to concentrate on the more strategic work they should be focussing on as the leader.

The actions of the leader impact everyone else in the organisation.

This masterclass highlights the top reasons why this expensive problem happens and how to fix it and the quick solution you can focus on to get your time and attention back.

Who For: Owners, C-suite, Directors and Senior Managers

Time: 1.5hrs

Format: Trainer led virtual training, 1:1 or closed group

Create more time to hit objectives through leveraging the time, skills and experience of your team so that you remain strategic and impactful

Willing accountability & productivity of your teams

How do you improve the productivity of your teams without asking everyone to work longer hours?

How do you create a culture which encourages people to voluntarily and happily ask for more responsibility and accountability?

The Productivity and Accountability Masterclass looks at the simple but effective steps which can be quickly implemented to increase individual performance and results.
Who For: Owners, C-suite, Directors and their Senior Managers

Time: 1.5hrs

Format: Trainer led virtual training, 1:1 or closed group

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