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 Creating High Performing Teams

The most important entrepreneurial skill

Leverage is the most potent process in an entrepreneurs arsenal.

The more leverage you can create, the bigger the results you will achieve.

It is the number one skill that turns a Solopreneur into a Business Leader, and then a Business Leader into a Business Owner.

There are several things that an Entrepreneur can leverage to create a massive shift in results.

  • Money
  • Systems
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Time

But to create leverage in all of these areas, you need one vital skill, understanding people.

Even the most process driven and technical businesses are run by people.

Leading, managing, planning, sales and every other part of your business become much easier when you truly understand how people think.

Do people baffle you?

Do you get frustrated with some of their puzzling decisions and behaviours?

Do you have key people who are great with systems but not with people?

Do you know you have untapped talent in your people which you would love to unlock but don't know how?

Or perhaps some incredibly valuable people who seem impossible to guide and control?

People are the most complex and confusing species on the planet. Until you know the formula to understand them.

Yes, there is a formula

and we know how to teach it to you and your team

When a business starts out, a strategic vision is created of what the business will be and look like.

A lot of time is then spent in the tactical level, the planning of when and how things will get done. The general running of the business.

When the business is in it's infancy, a very hands on approach is to be expected and is necessary, but as you grow and employ more and more people, you never progress out of the operational and tactical level.

You are unable to focus on the growth of the company because you are being held back by your team who still need you for all decision making.

You simply run out of time to be strategic.

Why businesses get stuck

The Certain Change Programme



The Certain Change Programme equips anyone who leads or manages people with the knowledge, strategies and most importantly, the practical skills to create and maintain highly effective teams.

One person can make any team supremely effective if they know how to leverage the skills, knowledge and experience of everyone they lead.

A tremendous amount of productivity and profitability is lost because leaders and managers don't know how to get the best out of their teams skills and knowledge.

The Certain Change Programme focusses on three core elements to get the best out of your people, so they get the best out of the systems you put in place.


The Simple Solution

The Certain Change Programme focuses on a single powerful word, levarage.

The vast majority of leaders and managers never get the training they need to excel at running a team.

75% of people, who voluntarily leave their job, leave because of bad management, not because it was a bad job.

Globally only 15% of people are highly engaged in their jobs. This means that most companies are paying their teams to underachieve.

The Certain Change Programme equips leaders and managers to immediately raise performance of their teams.




Measured Focus on Practicality

The Certain Change Programme course content and support coaching are highly flexible and practical to your actual business's needs.

It is designed for leaders and managers to apply what they learn in real-life situations. It's not just about theory, it's about practical application. You'll be able to quickly and easily implement greatly effective skills into the workplace.

No business leaders want highly educated staff who can't apply what they learn in real strategic, tactical or operational situations.



Developing Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurial Leaders and their Teams.

To master leverage you have to become a master of how people think.

We will show you how

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“Without you it would have taken me 5 years to get to this point."

Actual time working together - 8 Weeks