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S Bates, April 19 2021

How much money are you 'allowed' to earn?

Does this question confuse you?

You might be thinking, 'Whatever the market rate is for my profession, or whatever the boss says I am worth'.

But, if you are one of the 40% of people who self-sabotage, you WILL have put a limit on how much you allow yourself to earn.

You set limits for 2 core reasons;

1. There is a limit on what you believe you are worth

2. You fear what the consequences would be if you earned more

There's a good chance that, like most people in this world, you've inherited your beliefs around money from childhood.

Growing up, money may have been a limited resource or 'the root of all evil'. One throwaway comment from the past sets an unconscious limit on your earnings now.

Most of the beliefs/stories about who we think we are are in place by the time we reach 7.

So if you haven't deliberately changed and updated them, a 7-year-old is running your finances!

How you think about money is key to changing how much you have.

Are you prepared to challenge your thinking around money?

Written by

S Bates

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