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Individual Change

Quick And Effective

This programme is focussed on quickly delivering real changes to your results. This could be in your career, business and most definitely to your income.

It is also designed to stop and turnaround the damage caused by excessive self-doubt, fear and other destructive thought patterns.

40% of people unnecessarily hold themselves back and accidentally sabotage their results.

The fastest way to increase your results, improve your career or business is to make sure you stop getting in your own way.

Think of it as taking your foot off the brake as you try to move forward.

This is what the Alpha Programme is specifically designed to do.

This is not empty mindset work.

It is fully focussed on improving your results by showing you how you can tackle each situation differently.

You will see changes in less than four weeks.

If you suspect that need to do this, please book in a call below.


Is It Tough To Ask For Help?

It may be extremely uncomfortable to admit that you have been accidentally and unconsciously sabotaging your results. But is the most logical and practical place to start..

Over the last twenty years we have helped hundreds of talented people turnaround their careers and business.

They came from many different sectors and worked at all levels, but they had one thing in common, they knew they could achieve far more and were very frustrated.

We don't judge, and this is not therapy.

It is practical mentorship on how to change your thinking to change your behaviour and results

Solving the real problem, not the labels.

Imposter Syndrome

Fear Of Failure

Fear Of Loss

Fear Of Judgement Or Criticism

Fear Of Success

Confidence Problems

Self Sabotage

Low Self Esteem

Excessive Self Doubt


Under Pricing

Under Promoting

Under Niching

Wrong Job

Not Starting A Business

Practical Mentoring

The above 'conditions' are the labels and descriptions of behaviours that coaches and training programmes offer to help solve.

But this is not what our clients want. They want a a change in results.

The Alpha Programme is not about overcoming the symptoms or the emotions that are created from the conflict in your thinking. It is not mindset work, it is designed to go far deeper.

The Alpha Programme is designed to seek out the reason why you unconsciously choose your particular sabotage behaviour, so that you can 'turn it off'.

Turning off this damaging thinking is an essential part of the process but it is not the goal. This needs to be done so you can make better decisions and take more confident action.

One of the most common questions we get asked is how we can make such big changes to an issue they have had for many years.

The simple answer is that you already know how not to sabotage yourself.

We have never met anyone who constantly sabotages themselves. Everyone (unconsciously) chooses when to 'turn on' or 'turn off' their sabotage thinking.

This means that there is a reason why you turn it on.

We find this reason in the very first two hour session.

For the first time, you will know consciously and precisely why you have sabotaged yourself and what needs to change to stop doing it.

Then we use the 4 weeks of intensive 1:1 work to implement what we discover to changing the behaviours that matter to you the most.


“Stephen was amazing! He really helped reinvigorate me and helped me find my spark once more.

He understood the issues I had, and helped me deal with them in an empathetic way, and ultimately made me feel at ease with myself, Stephen, and the whole process.

I could not recommend Stephen enough. The Alpha Programme is well worth the investment in yourself and taught me a great deal about myself.

The change in myself has been wonderful, and will now be with me forevermore. Thank you for your efforts, and for the time you spent with me..”


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What can you achieve now?

Our clients' most common experience after turning off their sabotage thinking is the powerful realisation of what they have missed out on and what they really could achieve.

Suddenly, a new future is open to them, but how do they make that future turn into a reality?

Each person's need is unique, but we have found three very common situations which repeatedly occurs.

Below are the programmes we created that deal with these common situations, they may be what you need to move you forward..

Creating your

values & goals

The Alpha Project is about 2 essential topics.

1. Understanding and communicating your true value

2. Designing and redefining your goals

90% of people need to work on their direction and goals after turning off their sabotage thinking.

People who have had a chronic self sabotage problem have often limited themselves so much they have never set real goals.

And many people, especially those who have lived with Imposter Syndrome, haven't let themselves understand their real value to an employer or to a prospective client.

Alpha Project is designed for Entrepreneurs, Business leaders and Owners to clarify and sharpen the direction of their business, career, service or offer (if applicable) and their work/life balance.

This is where the fun starts!  

This is a 4 week individually based programme with 1 to 1 contact time with Stephen and the Certain Change team.  

"For the first time in my life I didn't feel

embarrassed to ask for my full fee, it was weird,

but they paid it."  JT

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Completely private and confidential

For obvious reasons the vast majority of our clients do not want anyone to know that they have worked with us.  Your privacy is extremely important to us.


“I’ve been working with Stephen Bates for a short period of time and already I’ve started to see results in my business.

I didn’t realise that I was frustrated at the pace of growth within the business.

We were growing revenue but there were things about me as a leader that was actually limiting the business in terms of my time.  

Stephen said something really profound and showed me that despite having a team, despite having a really thriving business,  I was creating problems which stopped it being even more successful and growing even quicker.

I was creating problems and then getting frustrated that those problems were creating limits on the business.

If you are considering working with Stephen, if you are looking to grow yourself as a leader, if you are looking to grow the business or accelerate the growth of the business, you need to get out for the way of that.  

In my case, I was in the way of that in certain ways.  He helped me see it, he helped me navigate it. He’s helping me grow into the next level of me  that I need to be for the next level of growth that my business is going to achieve.  

I absolutely couldn’t recommend them higher.  

Stephen Bates is an awesome guy and he will get you where you need to be and where you want to be.”


Give us just 4 weeks

A highly proven process to give you the control and confidence to act decisively


“Thirty years of confused thinking, doubt and procrastination gone in a couple of hours.

How? I'm blown away.”


Apply to join the Programme

Clients all around the world

We have clients from all over the world.

Time zones and distance are no longer a barrier.

Just fill in the short form and we will get back to you to arrange a call.

You can ask your questions and we can check if you are the right fit for the programme.

There will be no hard sell and we guarantee you will walk away with some powerful insights to help you.

"That conversation was one of the most valuable conversations I've had in my life.

A lot of things were made clear and I felt like some "weight dropped off."

I seriously mean it. I realized how valuable the hour I spent on the phone with you was to me.

It literally changed so much about my thinking and how I am viewing the world.

I can't thank you enough. CH - USA


“The last 8 weeks has been the most exhilarating and fruitful time of my life, with Stephen helping me uncover my true potential and learning the required skills to be a true leader.

But more importantly, learning how to understand people, the way they think and how I can impact lives around me by just understanding the real meaning of human behaviours and taking the right steps to improve the systems and processes required.

I initially struggled with my self-belief and leadership abilities until I met Stephen, and within 5 weeks I had managed to turn the whole company’s sales team into a highly motivated and driven force which is now operating at a level of 10X the previous 3 months and earlier months this year.

This time has been more than worth the investment I made in doing the ‘Alpha Programme’ course and the most valuable investment of training resources I’ve ever made in my 24 years, and I have spent plus of $10’s of thousands over the years on self-development.”



“Amazing moment/breakthrough/realisation yesterday that you need to hear. I've been talking with Stephen for a few months and officially together for about three weeks.

From the start, the 121 coaching sessions were incredibly powerful and things were starting to be unlocked that I've struggled with for years.

Monday, we had another call. One of the things I've struggled with is dealing with negative feedback/criticism on my Facebook ads (I'm an online Personal Trainer who specialises in working with the LGBTQ+ community).

In spite of knowing I've grown an amazing business that is helping thousands of people around the world, I often would see a post by a troll/critic/whatever and it would play over and over in my mind for hours.

What Stephen specifically helped me with on Monday was understanding why I was getting so worked up over something so insignificant but even more than that, he gave me the tools to deal with it.
Cut to yesterday afternoon, I was having a lovely afternoon off in Kew Gardens with my partner... And I foolishly glanced at Facebook (there's a lesson there in itself!), and another keyboard warrior had chosen to have a go at my business (calling it a scam).

I calmly replied that it wasn't, and posted the link to my wall of testimonial videos on my site... But it was still playing on my mind and I kept thinking if I should have replied at all, or done it differently.


I flashed back to the Monday training, applied what Stephen and I had talked about and instantly - literally INSTANTLY - the issue left my mind, and I felt a warm flood of relief and happiness.
I had decided to never let another troll attack the part of me that was getting upset. Because it wasn't the me of now who was getting upset, it was a very old version of me, who felt under attack.

And the realisation that I was in control and have the knowledge and ability to change who I am and how I operate was absolutely incredible. I then had a lovely relaxing rest of the afternoon.

This stuff works.

Let Stephen help you figure out what's going on with the inner you, smash your blocks and move on. I'm so excited to push ahead now. Thank you Stephen.