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Moving Fast Or Stuck On The Entrepreneur SuperHighway?

The Money - Time Balance


If you look closely and past all of the crazy noise that an entrepreneur has to think about, you will see that everything ultimately comes down to trying to balance two core issues.

How to create more income while protecting and having the freedom to enjoy the rewards of their hard work.

Money is the first thing an entrepreneur uses to measure their success and to validate their ideas, determination, hard work and plain courage to do what most won't.

But money without the freedom to enjoy it is a hollow victory.

Time, or most specifically, the ability to control time, is where the real rewards are found.

Every entrepreneur knows you can always earn more money but you can never create more time.

Each step of the Entrepreneur SuperHighway has a different version of this Money - Time conundrum, which we are experts at helping our clients solve.

Where are you on your ESH?

Where do you need to be?



Almost everyone starts off their journey on the Entrepreneur SuperHighway as a Worker.

Workers have little control of their income and almost no control of their time.

But if you have the entrepreneurial spark you will want to change this.

But it can be a big step to create your first proper company, either as a Solopreneur or as a Business Leader.

Many entrepreneurs get stuck at this stage of the EHS.

They keep stopping themselves from taking the step which will give them the rewards they know they are capable of achieving.

We know how to move frustrated entrepreneurs quickly along the EHS.


No one wants to admit they are stuck at this point on the ESH.

It is the most frustrating and painful place to be, but many talented people find themselves stuck here, often for years.

They burn through all of their time with minimal financial reward.

They don't understand why they never get close to the rewards they know they should achieve.

They fear going back to being a Worker and unfortunately many do.

If your doubt is high but your drive is higher still, get in touch because we need to move you down the ESH to be a Successful Solopreneur.


Successful Solopreneur

The first level of true success for many entrepreneurs comes as a Solopreneur.

They earn more income than they ever could as a Worker and have far more freedom with their time. They love this feeling of control.

We help Solopreneurs discover their true value to create their highest possible income.

But the more successful they become the more time becomes the problem.

They now need to make a choice.

Limit their income to safeguard their time or take the step to being a true Business Leader and build a team.

But if the entrepreneur spirit is pushing you hard to build your income and regain control of your time, then this is the next step for you.


Business Leader

Having a high performing team allows the Business Leader to do something that Workers and Solopreneurs can't do.

They can leverage the time and skills of others.

If It is done well, they will enjoy a significant increase in their income and also gain back precious control of their time.

But this requires a big shift in thinking and behaviour which many Solopreneurs never make.

This is where they get stuck on the ESH.

We have helped many entrepreneurs become skilful leaders and 'light-touch' managers to grow their business, their income and recover their time to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Is it time to scale your business and become a Leader running a highly effective team?


Business Owner

Have you ever dreamed about having both the income you desire and full control of your time?

This is the ultimate goal of most entrepreneurs.

Many aim to create this freedom right from the start.

Others decide to design themselves out of their current business once they have created an organisation that runs and improves without their regular input.

This allows them to start other projects, create new businesses and as so many of our clients want to do, pursue charity work.

Letting go of the control of a business you have put so much hard work into is not easy.

But what else could you achieve if you do?



The fastest way to improve performance is start using the performance that is not being used.

The biggest and most common reason talented entrepreneurs get stuck on their ESH is because they are accidentally fighting themselves more than their competition.

What move do you need to make?

Tell us what step you need to make and we will

What would your testimonial be?


Our clients typically start to see changes in their thinking and behaviour in just a few short weeks.

And results immediately start to follow.

What would you like to write as your testimonial after we have finished working together?

Would it be about an increase in revenue?

That you moved from Worker to Successful Solopreneur?

Or from Solopreneur to Business Leader?

Or that you gained control of your time?

What results should you be achieving which have eluded you up until now? 

What testimonial would you like to write for us to fill in the blank space below?

Please fill in the form and tell us so we can help you achieve it.

Others have done what you want to do


"Life changing.

Stephen is ‘there’, any time I need him. He really knows what he is talking about.

He spends much longer talking through important issues with me than his contracted time allows.

I have already made some major changes. The course just gets better and better. I could not have made a wiser choice. It is priceless, basically."



"Stephen Bates is a magician!

Sometimes our belief in ourself fails and people see a different 'us' from the one we think we are projecting!! I was that person yet didn't realise - enter Stephen!!

My light-bulb moment came 33 minutes after starting our conversation.

I even got goosebumps from my revelation......after an hour, I was back on track and my belief in me."



"I was very reluctant to sign up with Stephen.

I had already worked with 3 different coaches before working with Stephen and it cost me almost £15k – and I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.

At that point, I was almost certain that the problem was with me, that I just wasn’t cut for making more money, and doing things that I wanted.

It took me a week to sign up. It was a big battle between my head and my heart, and it was my last shot. I knew that if this didn’t work, then nothing else would and I would even stop trying.

Since I started working with Stephen everything changed. 

I still can't believe how different my life looks like now, comparing to a few months ago.

My confidence is at its highest! I have got much more clarity over what I do, and how I can help people better.

I am hitting my monthly goals, even though I set them up to challenge myself. I am not worried about getting new clients. They are just coming.

My Clients are getting amazing results as I can help them so much better.

I am moving houses, something that we wanted to do for years but always got in our own way! I have BIG plans for the next few years and beyond, and I know I can achieve them. This is where I always wanted to get to.

And I knew I needed help with that, was just asking the wrong people to help me in the past!

Even though I was really scared to sign up with Stephen, it was the BEST decision ever, and I am really excited for what's coming next!"